The Idaho 3- Lindsey and Josh Rinehart and Sarah Caldwell (Rinehart House Raided)

Radical Russ Belville, a former Idahoan, Activist, and friend has deemed us The Idaho 3.  So, it fits, us three- Sarah, Josh, and I, are the Idaho The Three.  The three that need our families set free.  The three that had our families stolen.  We are the three that fight our asses off almost every damn day to TRY to get MEDICAL marijuana in this state.  We are the three that found another 3, and another 3, and so on, in addition to the other hard working activists not listed.  Now we are 3 leaders leading other leaders and activists all around the state... putting 3 Giant Target on our Backs.  We do NOT believe that any of our volunteers are in Any sort of danger At All from what is happening with this incident.  It is NOT related to Compassionate Idaho.

There was some sort of allegations against my child.  (Nothing has been explained to me about my child's situation and they won't let me talk to him/them.)  This led to a "Well Child Check" where the BPD intimidated our babysitter/friend and gained access to our home.  Upon entering, and seeing that the house was Fine, the kids are Fine, they decided to go to my room.  Then they stayed in my house until gaining a warrant to search. 

The warrant was executed and they left our home with what is going to be perceived as "bad" by many.  Please remember, we are good parents.  Our children are 'advanced', so much so that we will be having our 5 year old entering 1st grade curriculum instead of Kindergarten.  I don't have a criminal record, and am NOT a criminal.  I am a PATIENT.  There is a BIG difference.  I have a Medical Necessity.  Thank God that there is support coming in from all over the place from people that DO understand but I need Idaho to understand and that means a Lot of education.  Treating illness isn't easy.

They took Sarah's two boys, Thomas Andrew (11), and Kyle (6) right along with ours, Laustin (10) and Elijah (5).  Stole them from our house for being in the same house as Cannabis.

They're are going to be a lot of things said that aren't true.  There are going to be things said that are.  I am saying this RIGHT NOW, we do NOT Buy.  We do NOT sell. We do NOT grow.  That is ALL I am saying on that.  I will, as always in my blog, decipher the bs from the truth for everyone. 

We are the three fighting for ALL of OUR rights and YOURS.  You do NOT want this to happen to your family.  The crying doesn't stop.  The heartache doesn't stop.  You look around your house and their toys are there, and their/our dogs are here sad with us, their clothes are here.  Fuck, CPS didn't even take their Tooth Brushes. 

I had to step away to pack my children's items for... how long?  We will be Damn lucky to keep them in Boise, and not have to move our child during the school year, to another city.. Jerome.  Those are our families' options.  Please pray for us.  Updates will come as appropriate as determined by our attorney.

We NEED help with legal bills, all of us, and the support has been humbling, and extremely appreciated.  If you can help Sarah, Josh, or myself, please go to

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THANK YOU for blogging and shedding more light on the situation, Lindsey. We’ve been sick with worry for all of you. This is so wrong on so many different levels, the sketchiness of school admin and law enforcement and in how it all came about, the cops intimidating the babysitter, ultimately pushing their way to your home and THEN getting a warrant after rifling through your bedroom. That’s not lawful procedure…although after living over a decade in Idaho, I’ve come to understand that the ‘authorities’ here have a Wild West mentality, with way too much power than given/deserved and absolute disregard for protocol and TOTAL DISRESPECT for the “protect and serve” creed they took when they left the academy and were turned loose on the public as rookies. Shit! I don’t know who else among us in the Movement who has a legal background, so I don’t know who to contact to volunteer my paralegal skills on this. Like I’ve said to you numerous times on happier days, I (Chris included) WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO HELP YOU, whatever/wherever you need me/us to be. We’re here, we’re not going anywhere. We’re in this for the long haul to the bloody stinkin’ end. STAY STRONG! DON’T GIVE UP HOPE! You have an enormous support network working on your behalf. You are loved by all of us, you are not alone in this battle. Far from it! XOXOXOXOXOX
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Lindsey, I cannot begin to express what I am feeling for the three of you and your children right now. I listed to the Radical Russ broadcast last night, and yes…I cried through the entire thing. You have done so much hard work and fighting for the sick in the State of Idaho, to be met with such bullshit is nothing short of horrifying. All of you will remain in my thoughts and prayers through the duration. Much
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@ “Idarrest”.
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Yes, by all means,chin up. Your suffering will be felt by all. "And all will rise up as a serpent and bite the head off of the “Iddarest” terrorists!!!"
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Keeping you all in prayers – You are a wonderful Mom, friend, warrior for others suffering with diseases such as MS, Parkinsons, chronic pain and more. As a fellow MS patient I know what you have done for others in the legal battle…and while I am not in Idaho I am with you. Let me know if there is anything that I can do.
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wow…I remember this happening back 20, 30 years ago, but now? I’m so sorry for all you 3 are going through. For all your courage and work you put in to help all those who suffer needlessly. Chin up, we’re here.
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