Compassionate Idaho is group of Idahoans who are changing marijuana laws in Idaho. We are a Grassroots organization that believes that qualified patients should be able to safely access Medical Marijuana (Cannabis). We seek to protect patients from arrest, prosecution, and forfeiture.

We drafted the petition - An Initiative Relating to Medical Marijuana -  last March with Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) that is available in our Circulation Center. Please go there to read it, download it, share it, print it, read the instructions, get voter registration cards. Deadline for the required 55,000 signatures is April 30, 2014.

Team members are needed all throughout Idaho. With your help we can attain that goal!  Please sign up and let us know what skills you may have that you would like to bring to the cause, that can help us move this forward. Currently, we are in need of more healthy individuals who can do the physical tasks that limit many of our patient volunteers. 

Register to vote now, and get your friends to register too!! We need you all, and whether you gather signatures or sign the petition, YOU MUST BE REGISTERED TO VOTE AT THE TIME OF SIGNING!!  You can also register at your local County Elections Office.

Our organization runs solely off of Volunteers and Donations- so please sign up to Volunteer with us for Compassion in Idaho!  Can't volunteer?  Please hit Donate if you can!  We run off of the generosity of others who believe in what we are doing!

Be the Change you want to see!

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PLEASE come visit Compassionate Idaho on Facebook! :)
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“Placing marijuana in a classification of drugs considered more dangerous than meth and cocaine makes no sense whatsoever…No one dies from marijuana overdose and the alleged less-dangerous methamphetamine have been ravaging communities, particularly in rural and small-town America.” ~U.S. Representative (Oregon) Earl Blumenauer to U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder (April 8, 2014)
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The evidence is overwhelming that marijuana can relieve certain types of pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms caused by illnesses like multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS – or by the harsh drugs sometimes used to treat them. And it can do so with remarkable safety. Indeed, marijuana is less toxic than many of the drugs that physicians prescribe every day. ~Former U.S. Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders, M.D.
commented 2014-04-03 07:02:57 -0600 · Flag
i have a 12 inch by 48 inch banner made with gromets on the corners
“Cannabis kills cancer” and two other signs
followed this page 2014-04-03 06:59:53 -0600
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ATTENTION IDAHO CANN-ACTIVISTS Flyers for the 2014 Global Marijuana March in Boise are available for download/printing under the Circulation Center or you can click on the link below. PRINT THEM OUT AND *SHARE*SHARE*SHARE*. We have a month until this happens so PLEASE help us spread the word to as many people as possible! THANK YOU!!!!!
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Sarah: No, we’re not even at 5%. But that’s okay. 2016 is a general election year and at the rate decriminalization is going across the world, it has a greater chance of passing then. It may not happen this year, but it’s going to happen eventually. Please email me at and we can talk about working together for 2016. ~Dana
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I have emailed all idaho congress on the list. I received a response from senator Elliot Werk, he is not in favor of medical marijuana but he is in favor of decriminalization. I think thats what we all really want anyways. Is there anyone out there that is close to Boise that wants to head up a initiative for decriminalization for 2016.. I would but im 350 miles from Boise but im definitely interested in getting signatures on this side of the state..
commented 2014-04-01 16:54:22 -0600 · Flag
Is idaho anywhere close to the 55000 that is needed?
commented 2014-04-01 09:08:26 -0600 · Flag
Below is a video of Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid, Spain, clearly explaining how THC (the main psychoactive constitute of the cannabis plant) completely kills cancer cells.
commented 2014-03-30 13:47:39 -0600 · Flag
Lithium Orotate for PTSDMMJ to provide relief
commented 2014-03-30 11:52:02 -0600 · Flag
Part of educating the masses on cannabis is including the HISTORY of its prohibition, it helps people SEE the dubious corporate/political connections and gets them thinking that Hey! There might be something to this stuff after all! This has always been one of the*best* links to share with people who could use a good Waking Up. PLEASE SHAREKNOWLEDGE IS POWER**
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Here is a list of all Idaho legislators who sit on the State Affairs Committee, the small of group of politicians who drafted (authored by Chuck Winder) and passed one of THE worst resolutions in the history of the state, SCR 112, a Senate resolution declaring that it’s the “position” of the Idaho Legislature that the state should never legalize marijuana… for any purpose.

Make appointments to speak and share with them what you know about cannabis. Share your personal stories; give them the peer-reviewed papers, statistics, and publicized reports of politicians in other states, the testimonies of medical & scientific professionals. SHOW THEM the direct link between the pharmaceutical companies involvement in keeping cannabis illegal to maintain their medical monopoly in holding America’s health ransom. And FLOOD THEIR VOICEMAIL/EMAIL/POST OFFICE BOXES with the cannabis science from reputable sources. One day, they may WAKE THE HELL UP and actually start doing the research for themselves, something they should have been doing all along. Never EVER Forget: THEY WORK FOR US!!!!!!!!! THEY NEED TO BE REMINDED OF THAT! PASS THIS LIST ON TO *EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHO WANTS IDAHO TO MOVE INTO THE 21ST CENTURY**

Bart M. Davis – R
Majority Leader
District 33
2638 Bellin Circle, Idaho Falls, 83402
Home (208) 529-4993
Bus (208) 522-8100
FAX (208) 522 1334
Profession: Attorney
Judiciary & Rules
State Affairs

Russell M. Fulcher – R
Majority Caucus Chair
District 22
P.O. Box 1166, Meridian, 83680-1166
Bus (208) 332-1340
FAX (208) 332-1422
Profession: Commercial Real Estate
State Affairs

Brent Hill – R
President Pro Tempore
District 34
1010 S. 2nd E., Rexburg, 83440
Home (208) 356-7495
Profession: Certified Public Accountant (Retired)
Local Government & Taxation
State Affairs

Patti Anne Lodge – R
District 11
P.O. Box 96, Huston, 83630
Home (208) 459-7158
Profession:Agri-Business Owner/ Retired Educator
Judiciary & Rules – Chair
Health & Welfare
State Affairs

Curt McKenzie – R
District 13
412 W. Franklin St., Boise, 83702
Bus (208) 344-4379
FAX (208) 331-2150
Profession: Attorney
State Affairs – Chair
Local Government & Taxation

Jeff C. Siddoway®
District 35
1764 E. 1200 N., Terreton, 83450
Home (208) 663-4585
FAX (208) 663-4428
Profession: Rancher
Local Government & Taxation – Chair
Resources & Environment
State Affairs

Michelle Stennett – D
Minority Leader
District 26
P.O. Box 475, Ketchum, 83340
Home (208) 726-8106
Profession: Self-employed
Resources & Environment
State Affairs

Elliot Werk – D
Assistant Minority Leader
District 17
6810 Randolph Dr., Boise, 83709
Judiciary & Rules
Local Government & Taxation
State Affairs

Chuck Winder – R
Assistant Majority Leader
District 20
5528 N. Ebbetts Ave., Boise, 83713
Home (208) 853-9090
Profession: Businessman
State Affairs
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How can I get involved in the volunteer process aside from signing up? And places in Pocatello I can visit?
commented 2014-03-20 15:54:01 -0600 · Flag
Dana…please call me. I do not wish to put my cell number in an unrestricted pool. I emailed Bill Esbensen with it and additional info.

I have gone head to head with Dixie, calling for her termination from the Coeur d’Alene Economic Development Commission (LCDC). There is a penalty exacted for confronting the Powers That Be like Dixie. I am a wounded fish swimming in a pond of sharks.
commented 2014-03-19 19:50:56 -0600 · Flag
Dennis: I emailed you your contact person information a few days ago. Check your Junk folder.

I read some of those comments on the BSU/NPR piece from this morning and don’t necessarily agree that it’s the religious people who are blocking medical marijuana legislation – it’s the work of fearful and uninformed bureaucrats. No religious group has ever reached out to us, so we have no idea which of them are supportive or not.
commented 2014-03-19 12:35:11 -0600 · Flag

Read the article from BSPR. There is an insinuation that religious affiliates are a significant part of the problem. Make them your ‘FRIENDS’, enlist their support!

I have yet to be contacted by your ‘official organizer from Post Falls’. One person made an early derogatory comment suggesting I was to be ‘feared’. The comments I read on CI seem from angry, isolated individuals whom the medical system has failed.

I did poorly on Wellbutrin and ceased December 2013. I am still coughing. I have no desire for the PTSD cocktail that the VA offers. Too many Vets dying from that while others are zombies. Not doing well physically either. Spine is degrading with C2 – C7 and L3 – S1 involvement. I used to enjoy the relief from walking in the forests of North Idaho. More falls, an assault on my vehicle on a forest road, and the joy is gone. Pain increases 20 minutes on my feet’ I tolerate 1/8 mile before whining. July 2013, I was deemed 100% totally and permanently disabled. With the back settlement, I avoided losing my home. I am still $28,000 in debt from a foolish and failed business effort to maintain my productiveness and dignity. YEAH…I got flushed by Idaho’s business-friendly conservatives who want maximum profit and the injured on the job to die or go away on hydrocodone.

I am isolated, no longer vote, and long for camping trips to Washington State beginning in June. At least I will get a few days of relief each week. Someone in CI would do well to call me – you have my email to initiate contact. I am not scary or to be feared. I remain a Pastor and was formerly an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God. The religious community needs the TRUTH. Seems even the Mormon community is embracing LGTB civil rights. The rest are sheep being led to a coming slaughter.

God gave every seed bearing plant for our benefit. The exact translation depends on one’s presuppositions, prejudice, or bias. Ezekiel 47:12 suggests usage for healing. Why not encourage those you consider adversaries with scientific evidence of the healing properties of MJ as reported in High Times and associated journals.
commented 2014-03-19 09:44:02 -0600 · Flag
Just had a good cry. Nothing feels quite as crappy as pouring one’s heart and soul into a socially-conscious project one deeply believes in only to have it crushed by indifference and ignorance. Like I’ve said countless times before, this is an issue that REQUIRES EVERYONE who believes in it to get involved to make it happen. Dreams remain dreams unless ACTION is applied.
commented 2014-03-18 10:39:54 -0600 · Flag
Matthew Smith: You must be at least 18 years of age to vote.
commented 2014-03-17 15:12:50 -0600 · Flag
How old do you have to be to vote?
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Compassionate Idaho is group of patients and others who are changing marijuana laws in Idaho. We are a grassroots organization that believes that qualified patients should be able to safely access Medical Marijuana. We seek to protect patients.